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The Belmont Lambing Cup 2023

During Spring the whole team at Belmont became fierce rivals as they contested for the 2023 Lambing Cup. All staff members of the practice were allocated a team who had to battle it out to build the biggest flock. For each obstetrical visit the vets attended body parts – legs, body or head – could be earnt to add to their field. The team with the most complete sheep would be the winners. 

There was intense rivalry among the team with sabotage threatened on a weekly basis – there was no denying the competitive spirit was strong in the BFE team! 

But what you all want to know is who came out as the champions… Drum roll please….

Team Kerry Hill headed by Kirstyn with support staff member Caroline (based in Hereford). With an incredible total of 89 obstetrical visits over Spring they were worthy winners, especially given Kirstyn had a delayed start, joining the practice part way through the competition. 

The whole team had a lot of fun and the teams’ fields were certainly entertaining to review.

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