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Herefordshire and Monmouthshire have a wealth of Dairy Goat producers. As a practice we provide 24 hour veterinary care and consultancy to a large number of herds. The services we provide are listed below:

Disbudding – Goats grow horns very quickly which ca cause problems with fighting, injuries and getting stuck. It is therefore common practice to disbud nanny kids around one week old. This is done under full anaesthetic in order to safely perform the procedure due to their very thin, fragile skulls. 

Post mortems – a valuable tool in preventative medicine

Dairy Goat Herd health planning – vital for maximising productivity, working with farmers we develop a bespoke, easy to follow health plan that complies with red tractor. We also work with farmers to benchmark their herds, a vital tool in management decisions.
Billy vasectomies – a valuable tool for a tight kidding and anecdotally can reduce the incidence of nanny to nanny aggression.
Billy pre-breeding examinations – essential for any Billy with a suspected fertility issue or as a preventative measure pre-breeding.

Goatling rearing and monitoring

Advanced fertility techniques – for synchronisation or out of season breeding.

Health scheme blood testing – for accredited herds and general healthy herd management.
We run regular workshops and courses on many of the key areas of Dairy Goat Herd health, keep an eye on the education and training pages to see what’s going on.