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As a practice we work with several Large Dairy Goat herds in Herefordshire and surrounding counties. We have dedicated and enthusiastic goat vets with a keen interest and vast experience working in the dairy goat sector. We provide a 24/7 emergency service for our clients alongside the following range of services:

We aspire to support you and to drive improvements in animal productivity, health and welfare and thereby improve overall farm performance. Proactive health planning allows us to identify areas where improvement can be made.

This will include vaccination and medicine protocols for kids and adult goats.
We offer benchmarking tools and can offer a kid tracker service to monitor kid weight gain and colostrum intake.

 For management reasons goats often need to be disbudded. We have specialised vets who are experienced in this procedure. We routinely disbud kids at 1 week of age under a full general anaesthetic (GA). GA is necessary to prevent any damage to the skull of the kid.
In order to keep a compact kidding window or to have out of season kidding periods  we complete breeding protocols to compliment your herds needs.
We use vasectomies as a valuable tool for tight kidding periods and vasectomised billies anecdotally can reduce the incidence of nanny to nanny aggression.
A valuable tool to reach a quick diagnosis and to prevent further losses.
Often billy health is put to the bottom of the pile but examination prior to breeding is essential to ensure maximal productivity at kidding.
We offer blood testing prior to kidding to ensure that energy demands of the nannies are being met.

Gaining health status accreditation involves regular blood sampling of the herd to monitor disease status and development of protocols to ensure that high health status is maintained.

Managing disease will improve productivity and increase the  value of your stock.

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We run regular workshops and courses on many of the key areas of Dairy Goat Herd health, keep an eye on the education and training pages to see what’s going on.