Cattle Foot Trimmer

Between Belmont and another local XLvets practice we work in partnership with a foot trimmer; Neil Barret.

Neil is a category 1 qualified foot trimmer and an active member of the national association of cattle foot trimmers (NACFT). He has many years of experience trimming feet and before that as a herdsman. He uses a hydraulic, stand up crush and will trim small numbers on Suckler units up to large days on big dairy herds. He is a good choice for Bulls pre-breeding and we organise days in specific areas for multiple bulls to be trimmed to make this cost effective.

His category 1 Dutch training has given him an in-depth knowledge of hoof anatomy and he couples this with the functional trim, often leaving the low risk claw with plenty of sole and heel and doing nothing more than dishing out.

As a practice we have members of the register of mobility scorers and routinely undertake mobility scoring as part of herd health monitoring and integrated lameness management.


Register of ROMS Scorers

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