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Our team of equine vets operate from each of our Bromyard, Hereford and Ledbury branches. We are a close knit team of equine vets, meaning you will receive a friendly and caring service from vets that you can get to know and trust. Being a purely ambulatory practice, we can perform all our services from the convenience of your home or yard. 

As well as our emergency service we also offer:

  • Routine vaccinations
  • Dentistry including management of dental disease and extraction of wolf teeth
  • Microchipping and passport applications
  • Standing and knock down castrations
  • Pre-purchase examinations (vettings)
  • Lameness examinations
  • Medical examinations
  • Joint medications
  • Mobile radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment investigations
  • Laser surgery
  • Export certification
  • Laboratory services including in house worm egg count tests and blood results. We also have close links with specialised external laboratories resulting in quick turnaround of lab results when needed
  • Regular client information evenings

If your horse requires specialist treatment, we can offer referral to medical and surgical specialists due to our excellent links with local equine hospitals. 

For our Equine Factsheets, please click here

Laser surgery has been gaining in popularity in human medicine and dentistry over the past couple of decades. It has more recently been used in equine medicine. Some growths and sarcoids are suitable for laser removal, depending on site, suitability and severity. The laser is a fantastic tool for the removal of small tumours. Blood loss is minimal and the wounds heal quickly often without need for sutures or dressings. In many cases laser surgery can be carried out under standing sedation with local anaesthetic, offering an affordable, low risk solution for soft tissue surgery.
We have also used laser surgery in Bovine and Ovine patients. Tyloma, warts and growths can all be removed cleanly and with no blood loss, it really is a diverse method.

Please ask to speak to Dominic Alexander for more information