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We undertake all routine day to day dairy work and provide a 24 hour emergency service. Alongside this we are also very involved with:
  • Routine fertility work
  • Herd health planning
  • Milking audits and mastitis trouble shooting
  • Nutritional trouble shooting
  • Youngstock disease monitoring and management
  • Foot trimming and lameness management
  • Antibiotic usage audits
  • Genomic testing

We believe that a herd health plan is not solely a document for reference, it is an ongoing conversation and relationship with the farmer and all other advisors involved on farm. Our best performing units have this holistic, team approach.

Good fertility is an essential part of running a profitable dairy herd. At Belmont we are passionate about delivering a high quality and affordable routine fertility service to our dairy clients. Each farm has an allocated routine vet ultrasound scanning so that clients maximise the benefits from this service.
Good dairy herd fertility starts with excellent transition management with a ration designed to minimise milk fever and maximise dry matter intake. We are very familiar with putting in place and monitoring fresh cow programs to assess transition success. We use this farm data to visualise trends and work with the farms nutritionist to improve ration formulation.
We are frequently analysing on-farm and milk recording data to examine fertility performance in detail using TotalVet, Interherd and DairyComp 305. High quality recording is essential for farmers to get the most of their data, as is an understanding of the tool used for its analysis.
We work with block calving and year round calving herds and our approach is tapered to be system specific.
The genomic testing of bulls is now a widely accepted standard and has accelerated genetic improvement in the Holstein breed over the last decade.

The genomic testing of bulls is now a widely accepted standard and has accelerated genetic improvement in the Holstein breed over the last decade. Genomic testing of the replacement females in your herd can now be undertaken in a commercial setting to accelerate your herds pace of genetic improvement. We are part of a group of practices in the UK that have access to the Clarifide genomic test that is world market leader.

We offer a unique, bespoke, farm specific service that analyses test results to maximise the benefits of testing. The service starts by looking at the herds genetic base and the current population and then we go on to create a farm specific plan to make the most of the test.

Clarifide is a 30K SNP test that offers users:
  • Full UK and US type, health and production PTAs
  • Composite indexes; PLI, NM, TPI, and more
  • Assessment of fertility haplotypes
  • Assessment of over 20 recessive genetic diseases
  • Sire ID confirmation
  • Accurate genomic inbreeding values
  • And so much more to come in health and fitness traits!
If you are interested in genomically testing your females or have any questions about it then give us a ring. Click the link below to find out more: