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COVID-19 Updates

We are using this page to keep people updated on our COVID-19 situation. We will try to keep it updated as frequently as we can and you will also be able to see what is going on by looking at our facebook page.

Update 08/06/21

With the government easing restrictions across England we now have our office receptions open again. We ask that face coverings are worn whilst in our offices unless they are exempt and that social distancing is maintained at all times, there is always hand sanitiser available to use in our reception areas. It is always best to order drugs in advance so that they are ready for collection when you arrive to minimise time spent in the building.

As always, it is business as usual with our vet visits, socially distancing as much as possible and wearing face coverings. Now that travel restrictions have also been lifted we are carrying out both 2 and 5 stage vettings. 

Update 12/01/2021

With the current lockdown restrictions in place we have taken the decision to have a closed door policy at all of our offices. Drugs are to be ordered in advance so that the support staff can prepare your order and place it in the lock boxes at our offices. When calling the office to order a member of the support staff will guide you through the collection process.

We are still business as usual for vet visits, as long as social distancing can be maintained where possible, and all involved in the visit wear a face covering unless they are medically exempt.

Update 12/01/2021 - Equine Clients

Dear Clients,

We would very much like to wish you a Happy and safe New Year. Sadly, I must repeat the message that I originally posted at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak last year. We are experiencing an unprecedented public health emergency that is worse than in the spring of 2020 and the health and
safety of you, our staff and, importantly, society must be at the forefront of our decisions.
There has been some re-evaluation recently within the equine veterinary profession regarding what level of service is appropriate and we should be continuing to offer.
Our view is that we should be doing everything possible to protect human health and follow the recommendations and advice from the UK government, which is based on efforts to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus and to protect the NHS. At the same time, we need to maintain the provision of care.

  • Our priority is to be able to maintain a 24-hour emergency service for our equine patients.
  • We will endeavour to continue most, if not all, routine procedures, including vaccinations, routine dentistry, routine health checks, poor performance and lameness examinations
    because they are important to the welfare of your horses, ponies and donkeys – our patients!

    In order to minimise the risk of contact at the time of the visit please:
  • Maintain at least 2 metres distance between people at all times
  • Ensure that face masks are worn by all parties for the duration of the visit
  • Disinfect your hands at regular intervals
  • Where possible, allow patients to be examined outside the stable
  • Important. When routine vaccinations, sedation and microchipping are undertaken, the vets reserve the right to refuse to treat unmanageable and dangerous horses. We cannot risk anyone, including yourselves, getting hurt and having to risk attending hospital at this time.

We have also decided to stop undertaking pre-purchase examinations (vettings) for the time being. Each veterinary practice is different. Some have a high caseload of professional competition and race yards and many purchases are undertaken unseen. The majority of vettings that Belmont Farm & Equine undertake are for private purchase for people from across the country. It is normal and a strongly recommended practice that the buyer sees, and preferably tries, the horse prior to purchase.

With the whole of the UK now in National Lockdown, we cannot condone this travel.
The NHS is facing its worst weeks in the crisis. We all have to play a part in trying to reduce the transmission of this virus, especially since the new variant is far easier to spread between people who often have no symptoms at all, feeling and appearing perfectly normal.
I know this has been a tough time for many of us and contact with your equine friends has been a valuable source of support and escapism. However, compared to this time last year, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once the majority of us are vaccinated, life can begin to return to some sort of normality.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and please stay safe!
From all the team at Belmont Farm & Equine

Update 29/09/2020

With the new government guidelines being put in place for the foreseeable future we are continuing to keep our receptions open for our clients. We have collection tables in our offices to minimise contact between clients and staff and to keep to the social distancing guidelines. We still require everyone who enters reception to wear a mask, if you would prefer not to or have forgotten yours please knock and our reception staff will serve you at the door. You will notice at our entrances the NHS Test and Trace QR code. If you have the facility please scan the code before entering the premises. On farm we are continuing with all the day to day and routine work as well as covering emergencies, and practicing the social distancing guidelines where possible. If you feel that it may be difficult to social distance at your visit please contact one of the offices so we can put any necessary precautions in place. If you are aware of any recent cases in your family or close contacts then please make us aware ahead of us visiting the farm.

Update 20/07/2020

All of our offices are now back open for clients to visit. We are asking that we only have one person in reception at a time and social distancing is adhered to. The support staff are wearing PPE for their protection as well as yours and we have screens in place as an added measure on the reception desks. We are asking that everyone who visits us wears a face covering in line with the government guidelines.
On farm we are covering all visits as “normal”, and available for all visit types. Where possible we will be practicing the social distancing guidelines,  but appreciate this is not always possible due to the nature of veterinary work. All of our vets carry PPE and we ask that clients are prepared in advance that they may be asked to wear a face covering.

Update 13/04/2020

Farm and Smallholders:
As the continuing situation evolves, we thought it might be worth letting our farming clients how exactly we are working currently.
We are responding fully to emergencies of all types. This means the usual joys of spring plus all sick or injured animals plus anything that you would deem urgent for the animals health or welfare.
We are also continuing all routine tasks using PPE. Lots of these routine jobs are important for the food chain and often for welfare and safety reasons (for example castration and disbudding). Fertility work is also important for the food chain as the knock on effects of empty cows will be seen 9 months down the line. We are also able to update health plans and carry on preventative health planning and for the forseeable future we will do this remotely. It is worth remembering that inspections will happen again at some point and if possible it would be nice to avoid a flood of health plans!
The offices are still open for drug collections with the safe zones and boxes clearly marked and the phones are well manned, you might not speak to your local familiar voice but we are there 24/7.
All of the measures we have in place are designed to allow us to maintain our key service to agriculture and keep both you and us safe.