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Beef Suckler

We are passionate about Beef Sucker work, from the usual 24 hour and routine veterinary care to:
  • Castration and dehorning
  • Herd health planning
  • Scanning and fertility management
  • Synchronisation of heifers and cows
  • Pelvimetry of maiden heifers
  • Nutritional trouble shooting
  • Trace element trouble shooting
  • Bull vasectomies
  • Bull breeding soundness examinations
Good suckler herd fertility is essential for a profitable beef suckler enterprise.  We are very familiar with analysing herd data and strive to help as many herds as possible to calve all cows in less than a 12 week block.

We do Bull breeding soundness examinations for bulls pre-breeding as part of pro-active suckler herd fertility management and pre-sale. This is also a good time to give his feet a trim.

Click to download our Bull breeding soundness examinations fact sheet.
Beef Rearer and Finisher The borders of Wales have a wealth of calf rearing and beef finishing farms. We are active on farm doing:
  • Emergency and routine veterinary care
  • Health planning and disease monitoring
  • Pneumonia vaccination planning
  • Building design and assessment
  • Nutritional troubleshooting
We often hold farmer meetings focused upon pneumonia and housing, if this is something that interests you; watch this space