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Beef Suckler

Here at Belmont, we strive to ensure that your needs as a beef producer are met. We work closely with our farmers to give a comprehensive yearly plan with appropriate testing and checks along the way. 


Suckler Cows

From a small pedigree herd to a large commercial suckler farm, we can offer comprehensive services throughout the farming year. 

  • Diagnostic testing for infectious disease
  • Metabolic profiling and nutritional advise
  • Trace element analysis
  • Fertility pre-breeding visits
  • Pelvic scoring
  • Embryo implantation
  • Synchronisation programming
  • Pregnancy diagnosis down to 35 days
  • Bull breeding soundness exams
  • Bull vasectomies
  • Yearly health reviews and costing analysis
  • Antibiotic audits
  • Building and ventilation assessment
  • Vaccination protocols
  • Castration and dehorning

If you have a keen interest and keeping a profitable, well managed herd, we will work alongside you to aim to get the best results. Many of our vets have a keen interest in beef work with some coming from beef farms themselves, therefore have a good understanding of the trails and tribulations that happen along the way. A ‘one fit all’ approach doesn’t work and needs to be tailored to your farm and needs. Please contact us to discuss any aspect of beef farming with our vets. 

Beef Rearer and Finisher The borders of Wales have a wealth of calf rearing and beef finishing farms. We are active on farm doing:
  • Emergency and routine veterinary care
  • Health planning and disease monitoring
  • Pneumonia vaccination planning
  • Building design and assessment
  • Nutritional troubleshooting
We often hold farmer meetings focused upon pneumonia and housing, if this is something that interests you; watch this space